USS Tullibee Website is Up and Running!

It took a little while but persistence paid off and we now have a new website! Thanks to all of you that helped with our previous site…. it is no small task to keep a website up to date and current. Many many hours of work and entering data so that the rest of us can just point and click and find what we want.

We have moved that old content over to the new site so we have not lost any of the old data. You will still be able to access Eternal Patrol, Reunions, Sea Stories as well as some new exciting things. Our Ship’s Store has a new look. As you select your items and add them to your cart, you will know how much it cost to purchase AND ship the items to your doorstep.

So, take a little time to look around the new site and let us know what you think.


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I am now retired..... should be at my age. Having a great time in Weaverville NC.

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