Tullibee Times Available On Line

The latest issue of our Tullibee Times is now available here on our website. If you loose your copy that Bill emailed to you, you can come here and get another one. Use the site to share our newsletters with friends. Just go to the Tullibee Time Page under the About menu item and catch […]

Life Members – Recover Your Password

Hello Tullibee shipmates and friends. We have a new website for you to enjoy. This site requires a membership for certain parts (like purchasing items in the Ships Store). The rest of the site does not require a membership. If you were a Life Member, you have been added to this site. In order to […]

USS Tullibee Website is Up and Running!

It took a little while but persistence paid off and we now have a new website! Thanks to all of you that helped with our previous site…. it is no small task to keep a website up to date and current. Many many hours of work and entering data so that the rest of us […]

New Website is almost here…..

It won’t be long now. We should have our new website up and running soon. Bill and I have been busy adding content, checking content, changing content…. etc. So keep watching and soon we will have the new site. Thank you to all of you for your help and support.

Tullibee’s Career

Authorized – November 15, 1957 Keel Laid – May 26, 1958 Launched – April 27, 1960 Commissioned – November 9, 1960 Decommissioned – June 25, 1988 Motto – Venator-Necator Latin: Hunter-Killer – Fate Entered Ship-Submarine Recycling Program – 5 January 1995