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The links below will take you away from the Official USS Tullibee Web Site to explore other sites of interest. If there is a particular link that you would like to see listed here, and it is Submarine- or Navy-related,please send request to: – A site dedicated to helping submarine sailors and their families stay in touch, and preserve some of our history along the way. Find boats, crew, family and friends, home pages and more.

United States Submarine Veterans Inc. (USSVI) – We are United States Submarine Sailors! We were, and are, members of the elite fighting force of the United States Navy. We are all QUALIFIED IN SUBMARINES. If you are Qualified in Submarines we want you in United States Submarine Veterans Inc. This is where everyone understands what you do or did, and you understand them. This is common ground.

Naval Historical Center – Enhancing the Navy’s effectiveness by preserving, analyzing and interpreting its hard-earned experience and history for the Navy and the American people.

Submarine Did you know that there are currently twenty-five different museum submarines in the United States that you can get in and explore? Most are decommissioned, retired submarines, saved from being scrapped after being deemed as unfit for further military service to the Navy. Many of them saw action during World War II or played a role in the Cold War and/or Vietnam.